But there I had been, on a cruise trip ship, drinking wine with silver-haired foxes, fox-trotting with male escorts in the ballroom, and escorting myself on a tapas-like tour around Europe, sample towns to get a time via ship, bus, foot and bike. It was the cycling facet that had resulted in my unlikely sojourn to the vessel, Crystal Cruises Contentment. Weeks before, my cyclist-lover ears perked up when I found out about the cruise, with biking-centered itineraries in many port towns. The regimented itinerary of a sail with its scheduled ports of call, and the thought of wasting that long on the ship, wasnt all that attracting me, but the probability of biking around a couple of various European towns was. So I loaded my shoes, some pretty bicycle shorts and an open-mind. If the servant designated to my cottage ground did a doubletake at the look of my baggage starting in Dover, England, I was sure I was the only individual carrying a backpack aboard. But after having a peaceful sleep, rocked from the waves of the Atlantic and the light sound of the boats motor, feelings of hostels were but a distant memory. To The firstly my 10-day venture striking seven cities in four places, my nephew and fellow cruiser Olivia DeMello, I, and additional cyclists biked around Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands, on yachts we were given.